Our Inaugural conference was a success! STAY TUNED for videos and photos of the conference and plans for the next event.

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The Better Food Movement conference brings together business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and influencers from the U.S., Latin America & the Caribbean. In partnership with the Miami Dade College and its Miami Culinary Institute, the conference sets the stage for discussing critical issues facing public policy, discovering the latest innovations in sustainability, networking with culinary entrepreneurs, and to find out how trendsetters are using digital media to grow the better food culture.

Don’t miss out on a premier lineup of presenters and to create connections with culinary influencers that are shaping today’s trends & tomorrows food.

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Miami Food Week 2017

Plan a week of food and culinary experiences in Miami. The inaugural conference will be a premier event launching the beginning of Miami Food Week 2017, which culminates in the world-renowned South Beach Wine & Food Festival.

From Better Food to trending food, there is no better scene in February than in the tropical “Magic City”.

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