Our Inaugural conference was a success! STAY TUNED for videos and photos of the conference and plans for the next event.

Livestream from MDC Wolfson Campus

Raise Your Fork to Better Food.

Join business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and influencers from the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean – all driven by a mission of making healthier food more readily available to our communities. In partnership with the Miami Dade College and its Culinary Institute, the conference sets the stage for networking, learning and exploring new trends affecting food policy, innovation, and community engagement.

• Morning Sessions are devoted to: Important public policy issues surrounding sugar, soda tax, and legislation.

• Afternoon Sessions will be devoted to: Food innovation and inspiring the next generation of food entrepreneurs.

Plus: Pre-conference gala reception at Tuyo Restaurant, the crown jewel sitting atop Miami Culinary Institute, Feb. 21, 6:00-8:00pm. Experience award-winning cuisine, spectacular scenic views and meet icons of the better food movement. Reception included with conference admission ticket for a limited time. Register now to attend both events.

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Latest News

One of the world’s leading influencers of food policy, nutrition and education will be on hand to inspire attendees at the 2017 Better Food Movement Conference. Dr. Marion Nestle, author of Food Politics and other ground-breaking books and founder of the Food Studies program at NYU, will [Read More]

So you want to be a food activist? The 2017 Conference offers an inside glimpse at what the job entails from Sara Soka, campaign manager for Berkeley vs. Big Soda, the first successful soda tax in the United States. Her team of community advocates collectively flexed the skills of organizing, [Read More]

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